Everybody Here

I wrote you a letter

I should have known better

the lines at the bottom say, “Sincerely, I love you.”

The whiskey is empty

Wine bottles are broken

I kept only one picture of you as a token. cropped-cropped-Beards-Stamp-1.jpg

Wind up

Then let the tension out.

Eyes Up

Don’t make this all about

You lost

The panic in your voice

You won

But you’re still fighting.

Of Things in the Past

Band Howlers 4 30

Howler’s show has come and gone. It is always such a strange experience to have people congregate at a place and time for the purpose (not the sole) of watching you sing and play music. Thank you to everyone who came out (few of which will read this, but perhaps).

Thanks to Blue Ruin, it was fun to play the double billing. Joining forces and audiences made for a good night all around.

Thanks to Ben for running sound; we will make it easier sooner, we promise.

A new song, “The Hero Dies at the End” has been added to the “Music” page. We hope you like it.