I can’t understand him, can you?

Over the past few months, there have been nearly three people who have asked for the lyrics to some of the Beards songs. Well, since that same traffic can regularly be found scouring every nook and cranny of the website looking for some update or piece of news, we figured it would be easy enough to just dump all the lyrics to the songs we will be playing this August 4th.

Of course, if you come here after the 4th, the words will still be here. They aren’t going anywhere.

Lyrics page has been added to the list


If I can get anything to work, there should just be a link below:

Words and Words and Words and Words

4th of July

The Beards are many things to many people.

At our finest, we even make lovers fall deeper in love!


Whenever anyone asks what it’s like being a Beard, I remember the (slightly edited for content) words of the great Kanye West.

Because Life