We’re Back!

Hey All,

I know what you are thinking. “I didn’t know they had a website,” or, “I didn’t notice you haven’t posted in two months,” or, “those interviews were kind of funny.” No matter what you are thinking at this moment, the important thing is that you are thinking.

You may also notice that the site looks a little different. Who cares? Not you, probably. However, it serves a purpose. The new look will usher in the new focus of the website. Sure, you are still going to get all of the Beard goodness that you have to expect. In fact, scroll down to see our entry to the Tiny Desk concert put on by NPR. We took dead last out of thousands of entries (I’m guessing), but we had fun recording it.

In addition to everything Beards, this site will now also serve as a men’s grooming website. We will have guest columns by different people from around the area writing about how to keep your beard looking its best. The first column should be up in no time and is written by a member of the band!

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