These are some of the words that we use when we are playing. They do not always come out the right way or in the right order.

In fact, some of these words are more like suggestions that we hope come out at the right time.

Sometimes they don’t mean much, but the noises they make sound good in that order.

Breaking to Windward

Arguing With Echoes

All is Not Lost


We Don’t Belong

The Trick

A Mistake I Don’t Often Make

Signal In the Snow

Stay In (When It’s Raining)

Hey Robin (Don’t Let it Get You Down)

Paper Cuts

Here With Me

The Hero Dies at the End

To Watch the Embers

Circle Gets the Square

Down Goes the Whale

We know the pages aren’t fancy. There are no hand scribbled words and lines that show just how artistic we are. No doodles in the margins that somehow humanize the words. Instead, it’s a classic font on a plain white background.