Interview with Unnoted Recluse Part 1

Everyone here at was excited when we found out that we would get a chance to interview Beard’s lead singer/songwriter Joseph Raiche between his long stretches of almost complete inaction.
We would have printed the interview in its entirety, but much of what he says is rambling and thinly veiled threats. What follows are the best bits. We hope you enjoy. So, tell us about what the last year has been like playing with a new group. 20160823_092828
JR: I don’t understand the question. Well, it wasn’t really a question.
JR: Then I don’t understand the statement. Fine. How are things with the new group?
JR: Why, what have you heard? No, nothing like that. It was just meant to be an icebreaker; a getting to know you softball question. It’s fine; we can just move on.
JR: So, we’re done? What?
JR: You’re moving on? No. Not “moving on.” We will just move on to other question. OK?
JR: OK. You were quoted as saying, “It has been rendered the solemn duty of the Supreme Court of the United States, laid upon it by Congress in pursuance of the Federal Government’s power ‘[t]o regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States,’ to decide What Is Golf.”
JR: Yes, many times. What is it that you mean by that?20160823_094054
JR: I’m not sure what you’re asking? The quote. It seems to have little to do with music.
JR: I guess, if you look at it from one perspective. What is the other perspective?
JR: Whom is the other perspective. Sorry?
JR: You mean, “Whom is the other perspective.” I don’t think that’s right.
JR: Well, agree to disagree. Moving on. (At this point Joseph Raiche got up to leave again misunderstanding the idiomatic phrase) Wait. Not moving on as in leaving, just moving on to the next question.
JR: Right. Sorry. So, you guys have another show coming up?
JR: Yeah, at the Wine Fest. August 27. Right, but you also have another show just a few weeks later? 20160823_105140
JR: Right. We are playing at the Varsity in Vermillion, SD September 16. That must be exciting.
JR: Absolutely. You seem hesitant.
JR: (long pause) No, I (another long pause) don’t. Are you worried that your eclectic mix of dance-unfriendly original music will alienate your audience that more than likely is showing up for the fact that they know you rather than actually enjoying the music? And to follow up on that, do you think playing multiple shows just weeks apart will put a strain on those friends who are trying to balance maintaining their relationship with you and their desire to not have to sit through another two hours of songs they can’t sing along to and rhythms that they don’t want to dance to?
JR: Not until right now, I didn’t. Well, what do you think about it?
JR: It is an oddly specific question, but I will answer it as best I can. Sure, there is an existential dilemma here. We don’t really have time to discuss whether people are “born” to do something. If we assume that people do have a “purpose,” then in that scenario there are people whose purpose is to 20160823_105232passively enjoy the work of others. This seems like an absurd idea. Instead, I think it is easier to just assume that we don’t have inherent purpose, and people can do whatever they want. If people choose to come to our shows, we are thankful, but there is no assumption that they “want” to be there. Instead, it is the understanding that they simply “are” there. Wait, why did you put air quotes around the word “born?” Do you not believe people are born?
JR: I never really got the hang of air quotes. (pause) Or Health class. So, you mean you don’t care if people show up to your shows?
JR: That is not what I said at all; I am a fragile human being. Fragile. What do you mean?
JR: I don’t understand the question. Oh no, not this time. What did you mean?
JR: It has been rendered the solemn duty of the Supreme Court of the United States, laid upon it by Congress in pursuance of the Federal Government’s power ‘[t]o regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States,’ to decide What Is Golf.” Really?
JR: Nods (Note: he actually said the word “nods.” He never actually nodded.) What makes you get up there on that stage if you seem so conflicted about the audience, about what you are doing, about the music?
JR: To love, and to be loved.

This marks the end of part one of our interview. Part two will be posted when we have time.

A Posterior Post for Posterity

Thanks to the organizers and attendees of Thursdays on the Platz on August 4th. After the rain calmed down, it turned out to be a good show for a good group of people.

Thanks to Allison Huff at Luminescence Photography for capturing these pieces of time. Check out her other work at

More photos from this show and others can be found under the photos tab.

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IMG_2288 copy

IMG_2382 copy

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IMG_2425 copy

I can’t understand him, can you?

Over the past few months, there have been nearly three people who have asked for the lyrics to some of the Beards songs. Well, since that same traffic can regularly be found scouring every nook and cranny of the website looking for some update or piece of news, we figured it would be easy enough to just dump all the lyrics to the songs we will be playing this August 4th.

Of course, if you come here after the 4th, the words will still be here. They aren’t going anywhere.

Lyrics page has been added to the list


If I can get anything to work, there should just be a link below:

Words and Words and Words and Words

4th of July

The Beards are many things to many people.

At our finest, we even make lovers fall deeper in love!


Whenever anyone asks what it’s like being a Beard, I remember the (slightly edited for content) words of the great Kanye West.

Because Life


Everybody Here

I wrote you a letter

I should have known better

the lines at the bottom say, “Sincerely, I love you.”

The whiskey is empty

Wine bottles are broken

I kept only one picture of you as a token. cropped-cropped-Beards-Stamp-1.jpg

Wind up

Then let the tension out.

Eyes Up

Don’t make this all about

You lost

The panic in your voice

You won

But you’re still fighting.

Of Things in the Past

Band Howlers 4 30

Howler’s show has come and gone. It is always such a strange experience to have people congregate at a place and time for the purpose (not the sole) of watching you sing and play music. Thank you to everyone who came out (few of which will read this, but perhaps).

Thanks to Blue Ruin, it was fun to play the double billing. Joining forces and audiences made for a good night all around.

Thanks to Ben for running sound; we will make it easier sooner, we promise.

A new song, “The Hero Dies at the End” has been added to the “Music” page. We hope you like it.

April 30, 2016 Howler’s Vermillion, SD

By the time you read this post, the show will probably have been long since played. Only the fond memories and distant melodies that those who attended will try to grasp on to so tightly will remain. “It’s okay,” you will tell yourself, “I didn’t miss anything.” But who are you trying to convince?

Maybe it’s not too late, though. Maybe you found us in time.

April 30, 2016 at Howler’s Bar & Grille in Vermillion, SD.

Find out more by following the links below:

Facebook Event Page

Round Town (Same info, but this one has a map because the sprawling metropolis that is Vermillion, SD is such an easy place to get lost!)